CSA 2010 Update

A big question at TransCore this week is “When are CSA 2010 scores being released to the public?”

Comprehensive Safety Analysis, or CSA 2010, is the FMCSA’s new safety program and features a new Safety Measurement System (SMS) which will prioritize motor carriers for intervention. Carriers can already view their CSA 2010 scores in 7 areas, called BASICs, and the agency has stated that December 2010 is the timeline for release of BASICs scores to the public. Scores for the Cargo-Related and Crash Indicator BASICs are not being released to the public with the initial data but the BASIC scores for Unsafe Driving, Fatigued Driving, Driver Fitness, Controlled Substances/Alcohol and Vehicle Maintenance are expected this month.

But when?

The answer is: nobody knows for sure.

The latest announcement on the official CSA 2010 web site states: “[CSA 2010’s] national rollout will occur no earlier than December 12, 2010, despite reports to the contrary”. This announcement was released on November 30, likely due to statements by numerous analysts and media reports speculating on a particular date for the public release of the data. The FMCSA has not published any statements since November 30 regarding a definitive release date.

Another development which may affect the public release of CSA 2010 scores is a lawsuit filed by the National Association of Small Trucking Companies, the Expedite Alliance of North America and the Air & Expedited Motor Carriers Association asking the U.S. Court of Appeals to block the release of CSA 2010 scores to the public. A report today on TruckingInfo.com states that the case is through the argument phase and a decision is expected this week, according to an attorney for the carriers. It adds: “If the carriers get their way, the court will temporarily enjoin FMCSA from opening the CSA 2010 data to the public.”

While the actual reveal date remains a mystery, we do know that TransCore customers will be able to view CSA 2010 data in the DAT Directory and CarrierWatch soon after the initial public release of data. We also created a CSA 2010 Resource Center to disseminate CSA 2010-related news and information. Watch that space and this one for final announcements on CSA 2010 data availability.