DAT User Conference Turns New Hires Into Revenue Generators

When you hire a new broker, how long does it take to get him or her up to speed — to become a productive, revenue-generating asset to your team? What if you could compress that learning curve? That’s why we created the first-ever DAT User Conference.

The DAT User Conference is for training professionals, brokers and senior managers who are tasked with turning new recruits into efficient, productive brokers out of the gate. How? In part, by using technology to compensate for the newbies’ lack of experience, enabling them to start contributing to the bottom line right away.

The user conference, set for Oct 17-19 in Portland, Oregon, features group and individual sessions with DAT senior product managers and customer service personnel. It’s all about accelerating the time-to-money of your new hires, by teaching them not just how to use DAT’s most advanced broker solutions, but why and when.

If you register before August 1, you’ll receive the early bird discount price of $600. After August 1, the regular price of $850 applies. Group discounts are also available. View the complete agenda, read FAQs, and register for the program here.