Food Trucks: Our Second Favorite Kind of Truck

While helping folks who drive big rigs is our bread and butter, I think it’s safe to say the staff here at DAT also loves the kind of truck that serves you bread and butter (or fried chicken, or pulled pork, or mac and cheese…)

The Portland area is home to an estimated 400 food trucks or carts and exploring the cuisine has become a favorite pastime of Portlanders and tourists, alike.

As a special treat, though, DAT brought the food trucks to its employees recently. We had the choice between Retrolicious, which serves up some tasty southern comfort food, and Thrive Pacific Northwest, which serves healthy and delicious rice bowls.

If you’re ever in the Portland area and have the time, make sure to check out one of the many food trucks, Food Carts Portland has a ton of information on all your options.