Frank's Friday Wrap Up

Hey guys, here’s list of stories I’ve been following this week:

We were off to a rough start as more details of thedevastating tornadoes surfaced. My heart goes out to all those affected by thedevastation. Thisarticle on Truckinginfo.comreports on the wreckage and the Petro truck stop that was severely damagedalong with all of the freight parked.

Did you catch TransCore’s own Don Thorton on OOIDA’s radio show Monday?He gives an informative, but quick, weekly report on rates, ratios and trends.If you missed it, follow this link to our Videos and Webcasts page and look the right column for the latest show!

As Tim Brady commented here(and I proudly second) “Writing about trucking isn’t boring!” Check outthis xtreme trucking video that doubles as a internship opportunity for the Truck Writers of North America (TWNA). Even if you can’t apply, the white-knuckle trucking clips are worth it.

Our friend Tim Brady and J. Del Monte wrote “Twilight’sLast Gleaming“. This thriller is the first installment in the SpangledBanner Series where trucker’s unite and defend America in the post 9/11 time ofterror. I’m just glad there aren’t any vampires.

That’s what caught my eye this week… what did I miss?