How to Make Your Dispatch Team More Efficient

Working in Groups?

Find out how DAT Power™ can
make your business more efficient

Ever called on a load and found out that your fellow dispatcher already called about it?

DAT Power is the only load board in the trucking industry with search tools for groups, which means that you can eliminate that redundant effort.

How Group Search Works

  • An orange tab next to a load means a coworker is viewing the post
  • A blue tab means a coworker left a message on that post
  • The drop-menu lets you label the post with the appropriate status: Accepted, Called, No Longer Available, etc.
  • The text box next to the status options lets you leave notes for your coworkers, who can then respond in the same box

All of these notifications happen in real time, just as new loads matching your search will be added to the results instantaneously.

To learn more about the groups function in DAT Power or to see a demo, talk to your account representative, call 800-551-8847, or email us.