My DAT Trucker Services – It's Free to You, Your Drivers, Your Family and Friends

When we launched My DAT Trucker Services, a free load board app for Android and iPhone users, we were cautiously optimistic. That’s another way of saying: we didn’t know if anybody would like it. Well, that was more than 100,000 downloads ago, and My DAT Trucker Services has over 60,000 active users. The user satisfaction ratings have averaged between 4.4 and 4.6 out of a possible 5.0, which would be an “A” if we were to put a grade on it.

So, what do folks use it for? Owner-operators and company drivers use the app to locate truck stops, scales, fuel stations and prices, truck washes, Walmart stores and other important services. My DAT Trucker Services also displays a small number of nearby loads, including loads posted to monitors at more than 1,000 truck stops nationwide. Obviously, when you need more loads, there are millions of them posted on our Load Boards every month.

My DAT Trucker Services complements our full-service DAT Load Boards, providing important, timely information for you and your drivers, whether you’re a one-truck owner-operator or running a large publicly held fleet.

My DAT Trucker Services is an extension of DAT’s historic mission to help and support the trucking community, by giving you timely access to freight, services and information.

And it’s FREE. Download it yourself (Android and iPhone), and tell everybody about it. They may thank you for it, and we certainly will!

My DAT Trucker Services enables drivers to find nearby loads, as well as other services and points of interest on the road.