Rate Trend of the Week: Reefer Rates are Up from Los Angeles

What's Hot:

Van rates from Dallas and Atlanta both recorded gains and are hot markets for freight availability. Flatbed rates jumped 2% in the past week as rates in Eastern markets (including: Chicago, Dallas and Philadelphia) rose on westbound freight. This is a significant gain for flatbed rates this early into the month. I'll be curious to see if this becomes a trend as we move further into February. Reefer rates from Los Angeles and Ontario showed the most gain as freight volumes increased compared to the past week.

What's Not:

Los Angeles saw a decline in rates for vans and flatbeds. I thought last week's small van rate increase from Los Angeles suggested a potential trend. However, rates declined 1.2% this week and the load-to-truck ratio is still below one. The outbound flatbed rates from Los Angeles declined as westbound lanes recorded the majority of gains. The lanes to Seattle, Chicago, Dallas and Denver all recorded a dip compared to the past week.

What's Up:

Last week, reefer rates from Lakeland to Atlanta recorded a significant jump while Miami posted a decline. This week the markets have switched places and Lakeland has recorded a significant drop while rates from Miami to Atlanta have improved.

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