Rate Trend of the Week: September Rates are Up!


Overallrates in September for vans, reefers and flatbeds recorded positive numbers! Vanrates rose 1.5% as both Memphis and Chicago recorded strong month over monthaverages. Flatbed rates are up 1.7% driven by the Philadelphia market. Reefer ratesfor the month recorded little change, up 0.2%, and were brought down by decliningrates from Los Angeles. The end of September marks the closure of the thirdquarter and it’s a busy time for brokers to move freight out the door. Comparedto 2010 rates are up for all segments and we will see if they hold out for theremainder of the year.


Forvans and flatbeds rates from Dallas declined compared to the past week. Thelane from Dallas to Laredo recorded two weeks of increasing van rates but crashed23% in the past week. For the month of September, van rates were down almost 5%in Dallas. Flatbed rates were up from Chicago to Dallas but 71% of lanes from Dallasthat were measured, recorded declines.

What’sgoing in Dallas that is causing rates to drop? Have you seen anything out inthe field?

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