Reader Poll: How Often Are Your Trucks Detained?

You’ve probably got a detention horror story or two. The stories usually start with your truck being stuck at a dock for hours on end, waiting to get loaded or unloaded. It ends with the headache of trying to collect a detention fee to get compensated for those lost hours.

How Much Does Detention Actually Cost?

Detention fees are just a drop in the bucket when compared to what those lost hours actually cost. If getting held up at the docks causes you to miss your next pickup or adds an extra day to your roundtrip, then the fee isn’t going to reimburse you for the lost revenue.

Detention fees might help ease the pain, but getting productivity out of your trucks is always going to be more profitable.

That’s why DAT Solutions is making detention time a major focus for the new year. First, we want to know how often your trucks are detained. How often do you get compensated for that detention time?

How often are you detained more than 2 hours?

When you’re detained, how often do you collect a detention fee?

You can help us learn more about how detention time affects your fleet by answering the questions above. You can also share your experiences in the comments section.