Track Loads Using Drivers’ Cell Phones

Load tracking mapIf a shipper calls and wants to know exactly where his freight is, can you tell him?

Freight brokers and 3PLs know that their ability to track loads gives them a competitive advantage with shippers. The only problem is that not all carriers have tracking devices installed in their cabs. There are apps that can track drivers’ locations via their smart phones, but fewer than 40 percent of drivers use smart phones.

To solve this problem, DAT’s broker TMS, DAT Keypoint, has integrated MacroPoint freight tracking technology into its software. MacroPoint tracking enables DAT Keypoint users to receive automated location updates from a driver’s cell phone of any type, including standard flip phones. The service also works with in-cab GPS and ELD devices.

Cut down on driver check calls

Brokers using MacroPoint reduce driver check calls—allowing them to spend more time on revenue-generating tasks. Brokers can see a load’s location on a map from within the TMS. The tracking service detects the driver’s arrival and departure times, and can send alerts if shipments are running late. Macropoint is available to all DAT Keypoint users and can be deployed on a load-by-load basis, making it cost-effective.

Learn more about DAT Keypoint

DAT Keypoint is a full-featured transportation management software (TMS) that combines operations and accounting in a single-entry system. There are also more than a dozen optional modules that can be integrated into the TMS, include freight matching, carrier monitoring, CRM sales, LTL, multi-modal, outside agent and more.

To learn more about the MacroPoint feature, or any other aspect of DAT Keypoint, call our award-winning customer service team at 800-728-7305 or send us an email.