Transportation Highway Funding Extended Through June

UPDATE - Thursday, April 19: The House passed another extension, with a new expiration date of September 30. Transport Topics gives details.

The U.S. Senate passed a two-year, $109 billion transportation appropriations bill, but the House of Representatives was not able to pass a similar measure before funding was set to expire on March 31. Instead, the House voted to extend current programs and funding levels through the end of June. The final bill will determine the fate of highway and transportation projects, as well as a number of measures that affect trucking companies and freight brokers in particular.

Debate and a possible vote on a multi-year transportation bill are expected this week, under intense scrutiny. Here is a selection of recent articles on the pending legislation:

White House Threatens to Veto Highway Bill - According to the Washington Post, the bill to be considered in the House will also mandate the Keystone pipeline's cross-border segment, leading the Obama Administration to threaten a veto.

Why Your Highway Has Potholes - The Wall Street Journal article points out that fuel taxes of more than 18 cents per gallon are meant to pay for highways, but a large portion of that amount is siphoned off to fund public transportation.

Pass a Highway Bill - Impatience with extensions and other temporary measures was the theme of a recent Transport Topics editorial called "Pass a Highway Bill."

House Tactic May Leave Door Open to EOBR Mandate - Electronic onboard recorders (EOBR) may be mandated, or a further extension of transportation funding may lead to an EOBR mandate, according to commentary in Landline Magazine.


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