Week in Review: 2/24/2012

Hey Team!

Here are some headlines, stories and tips that caught my eye this week. How about you?

I’ve noticed more publicity around the Transportation Club of North America. They’re creating the “first social network for Transportation Professionals”. It got me thinking: how do you feel social media will play out in the industry?

Are you on LinkedIn? I noticed a post from the Women in Trucking group asking for any female truckers interested in being on a reality show… if you now a potential leading lady, you might want to check this post out.

It’s clear that Michele’s latest blog article on the Transport bill struck a real nerve. We’ve never seen so many comments on any one post, to date… care to join in?

What do you consider the 5 must-haves in a cab? Jiggy Jobs has some suggestions on their: Top 5 Trucker Items to Have in Your Rig: Your Truckers’ Needs.

Mark Montague, your go-to industry expert, reported on Q4 trends and compared spot market rates vs. contract rates. He unveils The New Normal.

This snack sounds delicious, and filling, and healthy? I’m in! From @EatThisNotThat: HUNGER-SQUASHING SNACK: Lightly butter a slice of toasted pumpernickel bread. Top with tomato slices, coarse sea salt & cracked pepper!

Have a great weekend everyone! Hope you have some fun plans… Oscar party anyone?

Seatbelts, everyone!