Week in Review 4/27

I can’t believe it’s that time of the week already… but happy Friday everyone!

After releasing a preliminary statement about their plans to address sleep apnea, the FMCSA has already withdrawn their proposal. That’s a pretty quick U-turn!

There’s been a bit of uproar lately about the inclusion of mandatory electronic on-board recorders (EOBRs) in the highway bill. OOIDA has been actively protesting that inclusion, which could prove very costly for the trucking industry. Do you think EOBRs will do any good?

Truckers get a pretty bad rap in the entertainment industry, often shown as nasty criminals, smuggling and shooting their way down the interstate. We all know better, and it looks like we aren’t the only ones!

Nonprofit KlaasKids, devoted to helping find missing people, has been supporting TruckerTV – a service that would provide truckers with entertainment and informational services on TVs at truckstops – as a great way to help out communities nationwide.

According to @EatThisNotThat, sometimes the food choice that looks healthier isn’t always your best bet! If you stop off at A&W, swap out your crispy chicken sandwich for a cheeseburger to save 130 calories.

From Peggy – this is a fun infographic about the “real cost of trucking” that popped up on LinkedIn earlier. We aren’t so sure about some of the numbers ourselves, especially fuel and driver pay, but what do you think?

Whether you’re done for the weekend, or working through it, have a good one. And remember, seatbelts everyone!