Week in Review 5/4

Happy Friday, everyone! It’s that time of the week again. It was a long week here, and it looks like the Oregon weather has really shown up for the weekend. Hopefully you’re out getting some sun!

It seems like just yesterday, but I’ve been told MATS was actually more than a month ago! Where does the time go? We had a contest drawing at our booth for a new tablet, and in case you missed it in the carrier newsletter, congratulations go out to the contest winners: Jody and Carl V. of SRE Freight, Nancy R. of WTF Logistics, and William and Patty J. of B&P Trucking.

Unemployment has been a hot-button item in the news for a long time now, but things could be looking up in the transportation industry. Check it out.

Along with the new jobs out there, carrier registrations are increasing, according to FMCSA data. According to the article, some analysts believe this means CSA data is being used effectively, but others say the two subjects are unrelated. Where do you stand?

Jobs and new companies are on the rise, but on the other hand, it looks like truck sales have decreased since last year. Transport Topics wrote about it here.

I read a great article this week from @EatThisNotThat: “8 Food Myths, Busted” Here’s the link: ow.ly/aFPYs. I’ve always liked snacking between meals, who knew it could be a healthy practice?

As always, whether you’re off for the weekend or working through it, have a good one.