Write a Review, Get a Free Subway Card

When DAT launched Company Reviews three years ago, it gave carriers, brokers and shippers additional information about potential business partners. Now, when DAT customers look up other customers in the DAT Directory, not only do they see hard data—such as a broker’s credit score or a carrier’s operating authority—but they can also read first-hand experiences from people who have worked with that company.

Today it’s common for consumers, before buying any product or service, to check star-ratings and reviews by fellow customers. As with any review site, the more reviews there are, the more helpful it is. So, for a limited time, we’re offering a free $6 Subway eGift card if you write a review.

We’ll send you one e-card via email for each review you write, with a maximum of three cards per person. (The review must meet program guidelines and be published to qualify.)

How to Write a Review

Writing a review is simple. Here’s how:

  • Go to DAT.com/directory. (You can also get to the DAT Directory from within your product pages.)
  • Log in with your normal name and password.
  • Click the Search DAT Directory tab at the top of the page.
  • Click “I want to… Write a review.”
  • Search for the company you want to review.
  • After you pull up the company’s profile, click “Write a Review.” (See below)

Log in and Write a Review Now >

How to Request a Review
You can also request reviews from people who have done business with you. It’s a great way to build your reputation among your peers and potential business partners. The “Request a review” function is to the right of “Write a review.”

Watch the Video to Learn More >

If you want to learn more about Company Reviews and how you can manage reviews written about your company, watch the video above. If you need assistance writing or requesting reviews, please call Customer Support at 800-547-5417 or email [email protected].

Promotion rules: Limited time offer. Must be an existing customer to participate. Valid email address is required. Limit 3 eGift cards per customer. Allow 3 weeks to receive your Subway card. Up to 72 hours required to process a company review.