Cavalry Doubles Productivity and Revenue in One Year

What does it take to double profitability? At Cavalry Logistics, the answer is usually found on the desktop. The company has deployed new technology in its computer systems and telephones last year, integrating software programs into a smooth workflow. More than 50 operations employees in three offices posted loads and secured capacity duplicating efforts, and Cavalry’s brokers moved twice as many loads per day as they did in the previous year.

“Initially, we set up one DAT Load Board account for each of our three offices,” said Brian Roy, VP Operations at Cavalry. “Then we installed DAT on everyone’s desktop, and each person was responsible for posting available loads as well as looking for trucks,” Roy continued.

“As we grew, that shotgun approach became less manageable,” Roy said. “So we introduced DAT Direct and the web services interface – i.e., Connexion — into a home-grown application we use to book our loads.” The new process saved time, enabling Cavalry staff to move more freight.

“The challenge is that everyone in the organization could end up chasing the same truck,” Roy explained. “We set up the software so our carrier rep enters a truck into the system once, everyone can see it, and nobody else needs to call the carrier.”

DAT Direct, Load Boards and Rates Yield Success

“Our volume of loads per broker has doubled. Now that higher number is the baseline that our new brokers have to achieve within three months,” Roy said. “I attribute a lot of that improvement to DAT Direct and the web services interface.”

“We developed cool functionality in our custom software,” Roy said, “but in our market, a lot of our success depends on load boards. We are looking for available equipment today, not next week,” he continued. “We combine our market intelligence with a rate matrix based on the DAT Truckload Rate Index, and analyze the real-time equipment available on DAT Load Boards. That gives our brokers a competitive edge, especially on last-minute loads.”

“Coolness Factor” Boosts Hiring and Retention

The company’s use of technology lends a “coolness factor” to employee recruiting and retention, Roy said. “They embrace technology. They ‘get it’ – and they appreciate that aspect of our business, he continued. “Most transportation companies, but especially 3PLs and brokers, can benefit from the efficiencies that technology can bring.”

“From a technology standpoint, DAT products and services are at the cutting edge. DAT technology is very clean, using industry-accepted standards. TransCore DAT knows where the technology is headed, and they bring innovative products and features to market. They set the standard,” he concluded.