CSA Data Available in CarrierWatch

Wednesday we launched an update to CarrierWatch to include CSA Scores.

Carrier profile pages now include a CSA section if the carrier had any CSA data reported by the FMCSA. You can also search for carriers without any CSA BASICs Alerts. An Alert means the carrier had a score over the threshold for intervention and/or a serious violation in the previous 12 months for any BASIC.

Adding CSA data to carrier due diligence is automatic with CarrierWatch. CSA scores are a click away from any carrier name when viewing a Watchlist. You can also download your Watchlist and include CSA data to look at the scores for all your monitored carriers together. Also, anyone wanting to get notifications when new scores are available should visit the Account Settings section and turn on that email notification. CSA data is also available in the DAT Directory, so anyone looking at carriers they find in our freight matching applications can see CSA data as well.

Some people may have noticed that the FMCSA turned off the SafeStat web site when it launched the public CSA portal. All mentions of SafeStat on the FMCSA web sites now redirect to the CSA portal. This makes it difficult for anyone who wanted to look at CSA scores in the context of the outgoing SafeStat system. In order to help fill this void, we are keeping the SafeStat history section available in CarrierWatch. It is important to note that these scores will never be updated again, but they are available on carrier profile pages and in Watchlist downloads if you want to view SafeState SEA scores and CSA scores side-by-side for your monitored carriers.

We are in the process of doing data analysis on the CSA scores and will be publishing our findings here and elsewhere. Watch this space for some CSA tidbits in the coming weeks.