How Kingsgate reimagines logistics through innovation

In a freight market where pricing, demand and capacity can all change overnight, it pays for transportation and logistics organizations to be nimble. That’s pushed Cincinnati-based Kingsgate Logistics to find innovative ways to deliver speed and efficiency to their shipper customers, with unique specialties in e-commerce, retail and food supply chains.

Kingsgate partnered with DAT Freight & Analytics to fully automate the load-tendering process for their motor carrier network. Using the Book Now tools within the DAT One platform, Kingsgate uncovered new efficiencies, new opportunities and set new land speed records.

“The amount of time it takes for us to cover a load has been trimmed to probably less than five minutes,” said Tom Curee, Senior Vice President of Strategy at Kingsgate. “If we want to automate something, we don’t want to automate half of it – we want to automate all of it.”

Read the full case study and learn more about how Kingsgate uses the Book Now tools from DAT One not just to streamline operations, but improve relationships with their carriers and shipper customers.

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