5 Best and Worst States for Freight

If you’re looking for loads, you’d do well to get yourself to Texas. For the first half of 2018, freight brokers posted more truck loads there than any other state in the country.

It’s been a wide variety of freight, too. Texas was the top state for all three major trailer types: Dry van, refrigerated van (“reefer”) and flatbed.

Below are the top five and bottom five states for loads posted on DAT load boards so far this year (not counting Alaska and Hawaii, though we do get freight posted in those states).

How often have you grabbed a bag of chips or a beef stick at a truck stop? Those are quick and easy, but they sure aren’t the healthiest. Here are some of the best snacks that you can pack in a bag or a cooler:

Van loads – Top 5 states

  1. Texas
  2. Georgia
  3. Pennsylvania
  4. Ohio
  5. Illinois
Van loads – Bottom 5 states

  1. Delaware
  2. New Hampshire
  3. Montana
  4. Vermont
  5. Wyoming

Reefer – Top 5
1. Texas
2. California
3. Georgia
4. Illinois
5. Pennsylvania
Reefer – Bottom 5
5. New Hampshire
4. Vermont
3. Wyoming
2. Montana
1. Rhode Island
Flatbed – Top 5
1. Texas
2. Alabama
3. Arkansas
4. Illinois
5. Georgia
Flatbed – Bottom 5
5. North Dakota
4. Vermont
3. New Hampshire
2. Delaware
1. Rhode Island