All About DAT

DAT began in 1978, with a simple idea: to improve the lives of truckers. That founding spirit was first expressed by Monroe (“Mo”) Jubitz, who strove to provide the best food at affordable prices at his truck stop in Portland Oregon.

In 1978, Jubitz added the “Dial-A-Truck” load matching service at the truck stop. DAT evolved from bulletin boards and phone banks to load monitors in the truck stops, and then to remote communications including fax and computer-to-computer networks.

The expanded “DAT Services” migrated to the internet, added mobile access, and has become the hub of the spot freight market. Freight brokers and 3PLs look to DAT for carriers to move “exception” freight for their shipper customers, and DAT has become synonymous with quality carriers and quality loads in a marketplace of unknowns.

Today, DAT remains the industry’s biggest and most valuable load board, and offers an expanding array of products and services. Transportation pros turn to DAT for real-time data on lane pricing and history, thorough carrier qualification – including insurance coverage, CSA scores, and authority – as well as insightful, up-to-date analyses of capacity and load availability.

Welcome to today’s DAT.