DAT Hosts a National Symbol

One summer morning, my co-worker Eddie and I saw a Bald Eagle just hanging out at the edge of the DAT parking lot. Eddie took this picture, and offered me a copy to share with you. It was clear to us that this handsome fellow wanted to express his support of the trucking industry, although he may also have been intrigued by the all-you-can eat wildlife buffet in the wetlands area just behind him.

Photo by Eddie Anonuevo

Peggy Dorf

Peggy joined DAT in 2008 as a writer and market analyst. She was instrumental in developing DAT Trendlines, and she writes extensively about the impact of economic trends on companies and individuals in transportation and logistics. Peggy is a Certified Transportation Broker with decades of experience in technology marketing and an MBA from the Wharton School.

About DAT

DAT operates the largest truckload freight marketplace in North America. Transportation brokers, carriers, news organizations and industry analysts rely on DAT for market trends and data insights derived from 183 million freight matches and a database of $118 billion of market transactions.

The Original Load Board - Trusted Since 1978

The company was established in 1978 as the Dial-A-Truck (DAT) load finder service at Jubitz® truck stop in Portland, OR.