DAT TruckersEdge Pro from the pros: Building your business on the best with DAT TruckersEdge Pro

Tommy Withers — better known as Scottish Trucker Tommy — is a longtime trucker. He also manages the the popular trucking YouTube channel, Scottish Trucker Tommy, where he helps other owner-operators succeed in the trucking industry.

In this guest post, he shares how he relies on DAT TruckersEdge Pro as his go-to load board when negotiating rates with brokers.

Follow advice from the pros and start finding loads with DAT TruckersEdge, the most trusted load board in the industry.

I’ve been in trucking for a long time. I’ve had various jobs throughout my life and I’ve always thought that trucking is the way to go because you get to go places. It’s not physical, and it’s enjoyable. When I was 30, I decided to hook up a trailer and go trucking. I did that for a few years and then I went back over to Scotland and I’ve hopped back and forth.

The information I get from DAT TruckersEdge Pro is great for me. Although I know how to drive and how to get places, I didn’t know what the market was like. I spent a lot of time educating myself to get to know what the markets are, trying to know where the lanes are, and trying to be able to put my trucks into the most efficient lane to get the most revenue.

Favorite tool: The 15-Day Average

The 15-day average is my favorite aspect of TruckersEdge Pro. It gives you historical data that’s factual. It tells you what has been paid on that lane for the last 15 days. If you’re not using that tool and you’ve got access to it, you’re just leaving money on the table.

I’ve hauled for brokers before, where they’ll give you a certain rate and then the market goes up and down. And if you’re not paying attention to that, you don’t really know what is supposed to be paid, or what you can get paid. There are instances where you could be picking up an extra few hundred dollars on a load.

You can be willing to accept $3,300, but the tool will tell you that the 15-day average has been $3,500. It gives you a bit of confidence to go and think, “Well it has been getting paid $3,500, I’m going to try and ask for more money on that from the broker.”

TruckersEdge Pro Freight Volumes

You also get freight volumes on the TruckersEdge Pro. It’ll tell you how many trucks are going into or out of a particular area. If there’s 1,000 trucks going in and 500 coming out, that gives you an indication as to the supply and demand of that area. It helps me find out what areas are hot to pick up in and what areas I shouldn’t go to.

I’ve built my business on it. If you’re gonna be in the trucking business, you have to get TruckersEdge Pro. It’s the only way to go for me.