DAT's Halloween

Halloween is a tradition — and a competition — here at DAT HQ. This year, we had the added excitement of a fire drill. It seems the fog machine set off a smoke alarm in Gotham City (a.k.a. the sales department.) Of course, another great local tradition is rain in October, so our costumes got a little damp outside while we waited for the local fire department to allow us back in the building.

Here are a few scenes from DAT Halloween:

Welcome to Candyland! Our reception area door (above) and the Human Resources Department hallway (below) were re-decorated sweetly.

Angry Birds guarding their eggs in the Project Management team coop…

…and outdoors, during the building evacuation. No birds (or pigs) were harmed during this exercise.

Batman in the Batmobile, in front of Gotham City (a.k.a. the Sales Department)…

…and with a few of the infamous villains.

The residents of Gotham City find shelter outdoors while the fire department checks out their fog machine. (It set off a smoke alarm, and we had to evacuate the building temporarily.)

Accounting Department goes native: some in polo shirts, some in fringe.

DAT Marketing and Product Management present the Hunger Games!

Cesar Flickerman (Ralph) missed the group photo, so he posed separately, with his portrait banner..

Customer Service, with scenes from Dr Seuss’s Lorax.