No Fax Needed with E-Signatures

Electronic signatures have been accepted by the legal community for more than a decade, but many freight brokers are still spending a lot of time next to the fax machine, waiting for carriers’ signed documents to arrive. Now you can have the convenience of an electronically signed document along with the comfort of a handwritten, hard-copy signature.

DAT has partnered with leading electronic signature vendor AssureSign to integrate e-signatures with DAT OnBoarding™. Key documents are signed electronically in the standard Portable Document Format (PDF). When printed out, an e-signed PDF looks just like a hand-signed document and can be filed electronically or printed on paper and filed with other documents.

E-signed PDFs can replace any form in a broker’s carrier packet, including:

  • Broker-carrier agreements
  • Quick pay forms
  • Hazardous materials forms
  • Carrier claims procedures

Like other PDFs, e-signed PDFs can be printed, saved on a computer or sent via email. They can even be faxed. Completed documents are automatically retained in the DAT system for future access by the broker or carrier.

E-signed PDFs enable brokers to onboard carriers quickly and accurately. Carriers benefit too. They can fill out and transmit forms on a smart phone, tablet or laptop computer with wireless internet access, even if they have no fax machine available.

To learn more about e-signed PDFs and DAT OnBoarding, click here or call 800-551-8847.

Save time and develop a streamlined, fully-paperless onboarding process by incorporating electronic signature capabilities (above) into your DAT OnBoarding system.