Rate Trend of the Week: Los Angeles Rates Increase for Vans and Reefers

What's Hot:

Flatbed rates from Atlanta increased 3.8% in the past week as the lane from Atlanta to Charlotte rose 16% to $1.67/mile. The return route, from Charlotte to Atlanta was one of our top gaining lanes and makes for a profitable round trip for carriers to take advantage of.

Van and reefer rates from Los Angeles increased in the past week and provide options for both carriers. The increase in van rates from this market may signal an uptick after Los Angeles rates declined for three consecutive weeks. Van carriers can also take advantage of freight available from Atlanta and Memphis where load volume was strong mid-week.

What's Not:

Rates from Sacramento dipped 8.2% in the past week for reefer vans. The lanes from Sacramento to Portland and to Denver recorded the greatest declines compared to the previous week. When produce season begins to generate some traction, in a few months, we'll see rates from this major market pick up.

What's Up:

Flatbed rates were strong in the eastern half of the country last week but big swings in individual markets mask specific trends. Philadelphia, down 6.2%, recorded the largest dip but Chicago, down 3.0%, wasn't far behind. Overall, flatbed rates dipped 0.6% in the past week after a surge of activity. We'll see if rates hold at this level or continue to dip in the coming weeks.

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