Rate Trend of the Week: Van and Reefer Rates Up in Chicago


Reeferrates rebounded 3.9% from Chicago in the past week. My best guess for the risein rates is an increase in candy distribution as stores stock up with sweetsfor Halloween. Van rates from Chicago also rose in the past week, up 3.6%.Certain candy can also be transported by dry vans during certain weatherconditions or if moved during late at night.


Thelane from Orland to Atlanta fell 8.6% for vans and reefers in the past week. Thisbackhaul lane was the only major lane to record a significant decline for bothsegments in the past week. While both vans and reefers had respective markets withoverall declines, they were minimal. We’ll see if this backhaul lane sees anyimproved activity in the coming weeks.

Whathave you seen in the past week? Any unusual activity that might need somefurther explanation? Feel free to comment below and I’ll do some investigating!

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