SmartWay Data Available in CarrierWatch

As part of our continuing effort to be the leading source of data about motor carriers and brokers, we just released an enhancement to CarrierWatch®, to publish SmartWay data. SmartWay is an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) partnership program for carriers, shippers and logistic companies who benchmark their operations and identify ways to reduce their carbon emissions.

For logistics companies, being a partner means reporting to the EPA which SmartWay carriers they hire. Identifying SmartWay carriers in CarrierWatch will help these brokers see who is also a SmartWay partner. We are also including the SmartWay grams/mile and grams/ton-mile data for Carbon dioxide (CO2), Nitrogen Oxides (NOx), and two types of particulate matter (PM10 and PM2.5) found in truck emissions. We will update our SmartWay data regularly so our partnership data remains up-to-date.

SmartWay brokers and shippers who use our load board will also be identified on their profiles in the DAT Directory®. So, if you are a SmartWay carrier and know that hauling for a SmartWay broker will give you a competitive advantage, you now have a source to find those participating brokers.

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