Transportation Tuesday Tip #8: Match the right load to the right driver (and vice-versa) to maximize profitability

In our Transportation Tuesday series, we’re partnering with industry leaders to share tips on how you can improve your business success and growth. This week’s tip is brought to you by Axele TMS. 

Match the right load to the right driver (and vice-versa) to maximize profitability

Have you experienced delays with deliveries due to drivers being over their hours of service? Have you lost drivers because they’re not getting enough profitable loads, or aren’t getting home enough? 

With today’s technology, you can filter the noise so you no longer lose profit or drivers due to inefficient load planning. 

While using spreadsheets can work fine for new or small businesses, a growing organization will need more robust tools. If your business has outgrown spreadsheets, and you need a new system to find additional loads or customers, a transportation management system (TMS) may be right for you.

 A smart TMS will help you: 

  • Find the most profitable loads faster
  • Find the right driver for the right load based on hours of service availability
  • Plan for return loads to reduce deadheading
  • Get load documents faster from your drivers
  • Process invoices faster and more accurately
  • Factor more quickly and efficiently
  • And more

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As DAT’s preferred carrier TMS, Axele seamlessly integrates with the DAT network at no charge to Axele customers. Axele automatically searches the DAT load board to find the best loads for each driver, the best driver for each load, and makes it easy to post your drivers’ availability.

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