True DAT

At TransCore, we refer to our DAT Network, confident that our customers are familiar with our brand and its origins in the Dial-A-Truck load board service established in 1978 by the Jubitz brothers at their truck stop in Portland, Oregon.

Maybe we assume too much. After I published this article, I received an email from a customer named Eddie, who claimed to be losing sleep, puzzling over about the meaning behind our DAT acronym.

Here's what he wrote:

I was reading your Broker News Monthly Pub. And found an interesting article "DAT Special Report". For the life of me I can't find what DAT in this context stands for. I know that in IT this stands for a Data File as i extension .dat, or maybe for a 'Digital Audio Tape' or even 'Dynamic Address Translation'.

In the military I recall this to stand for Drug and Alcohol Testing or Deployment Action Team.

In Brokerage as relating to security it stands for 'Defense Against Terrorism'.

In gardening - 'Days After Transplanting'.

In investing - 'Direct Access Trading'.

But in logistics/transportation, what does this stand for? I won't be able to sleep until you educate me as to this abbreviation.

I answered Eddie's email on the spot, and I hope he caught up on his rest!

Peggy Dorf

Peggy joined DAT in 2008 as a writer and market analyst. She was instrumental in developing DAT Trendlines, and she writes extensively about the impact of economic trends on companies and individuals in transportation and logistics. Peggy is a Certified Transportation Broker with decades of experience in technology marketing and an MBA from the Wharton School.