Was That Flatbed Hauling a UFO to Area 51?

I was searching online today for the latest news about flatbed cargo, and I found this headline:

Flying Saucer UFO Transported on Flatbed Truck to Area 51? Conspiracy Theory Frenzy After Officials Give ‘Cryptic’ Response to Media Inquiry

Apparently, a passerby named Charlene Yazzie photographed of a large object covered in tarps, on a flatbed that was accompanied by three vehicles from Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS.) The big truck and its escorts were heading south on Arizona State Route 77, on Friday, March 4.

The story also made the local news, which reported that the Arizona DPS had no comment. That was considered suspicious by some observers.

All the conspiracy theorists wanted to know what was on the truck. For me, as a pricing analyst, I keep wondering how much the trucker would charge to haul a UFO to Area 51. Do you need Hazmat certification? What’s the wash-out protocol?