Week in Review – 3/23 @ MATS

Hey Team!

I’ve been having a great time at tradeshows this week, meeting a lot of great people! Here are a few of this week’s articles that caught my eye.

Here at MATS, I heard some news about some changes in CSA BASIC assessments to help out flatbed drivers! I didn’t catch the announcement myself, but you can read about it here, at CCJDigital.

More news about FMCSA—administrator Anne Ferro said the review of the CSA’s crash accountability process will be delayed, causing a little bit of upset among the driver community. Read more about it in this article from Transport Topics.

Heard about the $109 billion transportation package in the Senate? Read Michele’s article about the ATA’s stance, and let us know what you think!

Mark made a great post about “The Death of the Buck-a-Mile Backhaul.” Get in on the discussion, and maybe learn a little about keeping profits up!

I’ve always been interested in healthy eating, and it looks like Robert Low of the TCA shares my enthusiasm! This article in Transport Topics about improving driver health and wellness was a great read.

Eating healthy can be confusing. This list of “5 so-called health foods you should avoid” from the Washington Post is a great way to learn about snacking healthy on the road, and at home.

If we’ve missed you so far at MATS, stop by at our booth if you have the time! We’re set up at booth #66080, and would love to talk to you in person! If you already made it by, or couldn’t get out to the show, there are some pictures below for you to look at, have a great weekend!

Seatbelts, everyone.

Here is the DAT booth, #66080. Note the t-shirt on that chair in the middle. We are giving them away.

Here is Randy S. from PA in his new DAT t-shirt, posing with Ken H. of DAT.

DAT’s tats at MATS! (Don’t worry — they’re temporary!)