Week in Review: I do DAT! 3/9

Welcome to the days of DAT, team! What do you think of our new DAT site? Pretty snazzy, huh… I’m super proud of the work our team produced and would love to hear what you think.

Mark wrote a post on DAT and the original DAT load board. He found a real blast from the past photo. For more information, visit the “About Us” section of the site.

Who’s going to be at MATS this year? I’ll be headed to Louisville with a few others while the other half of our team heads to TIA. I read the schedule on Truckinginfo.com today and it sounds like there’s a lot going on (not to mention the legit concert lineup). Be sure to visit us at booth #66080 (booth #201 at TIA).

Supply Chain Magazine wrote a brief piece titled “The Supply Chain with the Dragon Tattoo” (yes, I’m a huge fan of the books) on a proposal aimed at minimizing the threat of internet disruptions of all sorts.

Does your company use QR codes? I imagine we’ll see a lot of them at the upcoming tradeshows but this article questions the lifespan of the social media scanning tool.

Keep an eye out for this missing driver who never arrived at his stop in Baldwinsville, NY.

I’ll take the bacon, every time: @EatThisNotThat: 98 = grams of fat in Quiznos large Tuna Melt Sub. That’s more than you’d find in 24 strips of Oscar Meyer Center Cut Bacon!

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Have a great weekend, guys! And don’t forget, seatbelts everyone!