Week in Review – Sorrows, Comfort and Joy

This week we watched in horror as gunmen opened fire on shoppers here in Oregon and days later, on schoolchildren in Connecticut. One of the shooting victims at the mall was a friend of my co-worker; they had worked together in the past. Today I learned that another colleague had attended that very elementary school in Connecticut where the shooting took place, and his mother still lives nearby.

When sorrow touches our lives, we try our best to make sense of the tragedy, and look for ways to make the world a better and safer place. As we are reminded of our own mortality, we reach out to comfort the bereaved and hold our own loved ones close. We donate to worthy causes, to benefit those who are struggling with loss, illness or poverty.

It may seem to be a conflict when, in the face of tragedy, we also immerse ourselves in the joys of life. For some, this is the season to celebrate the miracle of their faith. For others it is just a lovely opportunity to share good times and fellowship with family, friends and co-workers, and to engage in personal reflection, drawing lessons and resolutions for the year to come.

We spend a lot of time working and thinking about work, or about the business environment, and it is very important to do our best in that aspect of our lives. People are counting on us. Of course, there is more to our lives than work. This is a season to honor the ideals, faith, people and communities that give our lives their greatest meaning. Whether in sorrow or in joy, we support each other with open hearts.

May this season bring light, happiness and prosperity to you and to all you hold dear.

A Christmas tree and seasonal decorations in the entry to DAT headquarters.