When Shippers Want Capacity Below Market Rates

Attend the DAT User Conference October 17 to 19 in Portland, Oregon and here’s a sample of efficiency tips you’ll go home with:

  • How to use market data with your own pricing policy to quote winning rates to shippers and carriers whether it’s on a Top 100 lane or Hole-in-the-Wall, Wyoming.
  • How to develop pricing policies based on market conditions on every lane you need to cover.
  • How to cut down calls to acquire carriers by as much as 50%.
  • How to bring your qualifying, monitoring and onboarding processes into the 21st century, making it faster and easier for new carriers to do business with you.

According to customer interviews, roughly 30% to 50% of new brokers fail because they lack commercial trucking experience. They don’t know how to talk to the people they’re dealing with. Accurate, timely market data on supply and demand and lane rates can fix that. At the DAT User Conference we’ll show you the story the data tells, and how you can use it to win over shippers and carriers.

The first six months of this year, shippers told intermediaries to cut rates because Wall Street Journal stories on downward rate pressures were everywhere. But that’s changed on both the spot and contract markets. What’s your story when shippers tell you to find capacity below market rates?

The cost of the conference is $850 per person. If your company registers 3 or more people, you’ll receive a special group rate of $600 per person. So register now and walk away with tips and knowledge that can lift the performance of everyone at your company who deals with shippers and carriers.

View the complete agenda and register now.