Spot Market Rate Trend of the Week: Latest Data Shows Flatbed Rates Rising, Van Rates Falling

Figures from February 2 show van and reefer rates in decline although some markets showing the sharpest decline have begun to reverse the trend. As highlighted on the product page, flatbed rates continue upward movement although moderation is also seen in this segment. Here are the markets by segment showing the most movement in the last week:

Increasing rates

Decreasing rates


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Los Angeles


Van highlights

Van rates overall have declined 2.0% in the past week led by declines from Dallas and some of the smaller markets. This has been a broad decline in 30 of 48 markets surveyed. As shown in the graph, the exception has been the Chicago market with increases possibly due to shippers pushing product out ahead of winter storms.

Flatbed highlights

Flatbed rates have been the most mixed in terms of freight movement. Atlanta showed the most upward price pressure in the last month but shows a small decline in the last week. Overall, 25 lanes had rates rising in the last month with 22 lanes declining for a net increase of 2.1%. The rate of increase slowed though in the last two weeks. One notable rate increase was in the Chicago, IL to Columbus, OH lane up 11 cents in the last two weeks to $1.83 for linehaul ($2.25 all-in pay to the truck). Los Angeles flatbed rates have slipped as shown in the LA to Denver, CO lane which fell 11 cents in the last six weeks to $1.47 linehaul (currently $1.89 all-in to the truck).

Reefer highlights

The last two weeks have seen 26 declining lanes with 22 rising, resulting in an overall decline of 0.4%. The Atlanta, GA to Chicago, IL shows current softness and is running at $1.03/mile all-in to the truck. More typical lanes are Memphis to Dallas running at $2.65/mile all-in which is up 11 cents in the last two weeks, and Chicago to Dallas is running at $2.11/mile all-in.

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