Week in Review 5/25

Hey everyone, happy Friday!

There’s been a lot of back and forth in industry-related legislation over the last months, and this week was no exception.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has made a proposal that would require electronic stability control for trucks. ATA’s Bill Graves mentions that, like EOBRs, this new regulation will help improve safety. What do you think?

FMCSA Administrator Anne Ferro recently spoke at the CCJ Spring Symposium about the future of CSA. Topics of discussion: proposals for fitness, driver training, and new rulemaking for EOBRs, which were the topic of a recent blog post by Kevin Scullin. More than 100 readers commented, with most responding negatively to the whole idea of electronic monitoring.

In another blog post, Mark Montague shared some pointers for small carriers who would like to work more effectively with brokers. That topic also attracted some lively discussion. This article talks about the costs for shippers and carriers, and was a pretty interesting read.

In lighter news, it looks like the nostalgia of Route 66 might be picking back up in September. Want to know more?

This week’s health tip from @EatThisNotThat! hits a little close to home… maybe too close! Find out the truth about energy drinks.

It’s a long weekend for us, hopefully you all found your way home to relax! Have a good one.