2 capacity-finding tools you may not know you have

If you’re a freight broker using the DAT Power load board, you may have capacity-finding tools that you aren’t even aware of. Here are two of them:

1. DAT LaneMakers

Normally, posting your load on DAT is enough to get your phone ringing. But what if it’s a particularly challenging lane or the quotes you’re getting are more than your customer is willing to pay? DAT LaneMakers generates a list of carriers who have posted the most trucks on any given lane in the past month. You can even filter your searches by the class of equipment you’re looking for, such as flatbed, or specify a trailer type, such as a stepdeck or removable gooseneck. The advanced version of LaneMakers not only lets you see carriers’ truck postings, but also load searches.

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DAT LaneMakers shows you the carriers who have posted the most trucks on any lane.

Both DAT LaneMakers and DAT CarrierWatch can be found in the toolbox in the upper-right-hand corner of the DAT Power load board. If your company’s subscription to DAT Power doesn’t include these two tools, call us at 800-328-5313 or send us an email to see how you can get them.

2. DAT CarrierWatch

If you’re having trouble finding a truck willing to go to a certain destination, search for carriers who are based there. They’re likely to want loads that will get their drivers back home. Brokers use DAT CarrierWatch® to monitor authority, insurance and safety ratings of carriers, but it can also be used to find capacity.

The CarrierWatch database tells you where a carrier is domiciled, along with other useful information such as the number of trucks the carrier has, equipment types, and other details. For example, say you need a flatbed load delivered to Bismarck, North Dakota. Simply open CarrierWatch and search for carriers running flatbeds who are based in Bismarck. CarrierWatch will generate more than a dozen results. Start by calling those carriers to see if they’re interested in your load.

Use CarrierWatch as a capacity-finding tool. The above example shows you how to find flatbed carriers based in Bismarck, ND.

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