2011 Top Blog Posts

Happy (almost) New Years Eve, everyone. It’s been one great year at TransCore and we’re excited for all that 2012 has to offer (and believe me, we have a lot in store for 2012). But before I get too far ahead of myself, let’s take a look back at some of the top blog posts from 2011 that caught your eye:

1. Transport Topics Corrects Story Understating TransCore’s Load Volumes

This post from Don Thorton comes as no surprise. After all, TransCore load boards are the biggest and the best.

2. Brokers pay more than shippers in 24% of lanes in Q2, as rates shift by regionBrokers paid more than shippers in 13% of van lanes in Q3

Mark Montague’s quarterly rate wrap up for Q2 and Q3 tied for second. When Mark pairs up with data from Truckload Rate Index, you know you’re getting the industry’s best.

3. Rate Trend of the Month: 23% of spot market rates exceed contract rates for vans

June’s monthly rate wrap up from Mark seemed to be of particular interest to everyone. The ability to compare spot market rates and contract rates was a great measurement addition to 2011.

4. Win by losing the contract on your next RFP response

This was one of my personal favorites. With such an intriguing title, how could not read it? Marks’ real-world experience continues to ad a dimension to our blog.

5. Tips for Brokers: 5 ways to boost capacity

Capacity was a real hot-button issue this year and Peggy came to the rescue with accessible opportunities that brokers and our product management team propose.

6. 3 Ways the Driver Shortage Could Reshape the Trucking Industry

Fueled by an NPR story, Michele wasn’t afraid to voice her opinion on driver shortage issues. She offers a great perspective and years of experience. Keep an eye out for her in 2012 I have a feeling she might become a blogging super-star in 2012.

7. FMCSA Ends BMC-32 Cargo Insurance Requirements on March 21

Kevin is our regulation go-to and he posted his article that appeared in the TIA logistics Journal earlier in the year. The story might be a little old now, but he’s always providing a great heads up, check out his latest article here.

8. Do’s and Don’ts of freight broker insurance coverage

We were fortunate to have Mark Yunker, CP of RJ Ahmann and expert in contingent cargo insurance, guest blog for us in October. This helpful list of Do’s and Don’ts should be in the hands of every freight broker!

9. True DAT

What started as a simple question inspired Peggy to set “DAT” record straight. I still enjoy reading all the acronyms they came up with… “Days After Transplanting”, really?

Have a very safe and happy New Years! Here’s to all “DAT” 2012 has to offer!