How long before truckload markets return to normal?

Surging truckload demand continues to outpace capacity, while businesses also continue to grapple with broken supply chains, according to the latest Signal Report from DAT iQ.

Demand for products and services continue to increase across most all industrial and consumer segments, the supply of drivers and trucks is not growing fast enough, shippers are experiencing all time low primary carrier acceptance rates, and every supply chain is still operating under some sort of shortage or disruption.

In the meantime, supply chain and logistics professionals are waiting to exhale and let the historical truckload business cycle kick in and return everything to “normal.” But how long will that take?

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In this report, you’ll find:

  • Forecasts for dry van, temp-control and intermodal rates
  • Year-over-year market inflation
  • Expert analysis on key drivers of industry trends

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