How technology is changing the game for small-to-mid sized carriers

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While tools such as a TMS, load board, ELD and back-office systems are not new to the trucking industry, TMS solutions have not typically been available for small carriers who often don’t have access to the same technologies enjoyed by large carriers. A new partnership between DAT and Axele aims to correct that.

Axele is the industry’s first intelligent TMS built specifically for the small-to-mid sized TL carrier, and its seamless integration with the DAT load board creates a one-stop-shop for carriers to find the best loads and manage their business without ever leaving the Axele TMS.

Approximately 52% of semis on the road today are run by small fleets (< 50 trucks) who make up 99% of the country’s for-hire carriers. Many carriers struggle to source loads, streamline business processes and capitalize on new business opportunities due to a lack of affordable, comprehensive technology platforms.

Try the Axele TMS free for 30 days.

But today, we see a democratization of trucking technology, where AI is making trucking more efficient, businesses healthier, and truck drivers happier. We now have the unprecedented ability to gather operational information of hundreds of thousands of drivers and fleets to customize a solution for a carrier’s specific needs.

By addressing the entire business process in one place instead of multiple applications for individual functions, today’s connected TMS environment supports any carrier’s strategic planning, freight sourcing, procurement, performance management, and freight payment and auditing – regardless of the carrier’s size.

A TMS for all

With Axele, the smallest carriers can use a TMS to:

  • Comply with HOS regulations while maximizing revenue
  • Leverage prescriptive and predictive carrier load pricing
  • Analyze vast numbers of available loads to identify the best opportunities
  • Take a seat within a robust community of carriers and shippers
  • Gain buying power and get access to discounts large carriers enjoy

Expect to see TMS providers continue to embrace connected technologies and AI, but for small carriers, there’s nothing stopping them from adopting the same optimization tools formerly reserved for mega-carriers. The connected TMS revolution is already underway and more attainable than ever.  And when companies like DAT and Axele join forces, great minds get together, the revolution is accelerated, and our carriers get the innovation they deserve.

Ryan Camacho is the Director of Business Development for Axele, DAT’s preferred carrier TMS.  You can reach Ryan directly at or 978.660.1191.

DAT has partnered with Axele, to help our carrier members run leanly and efficiently – and make more money at the same time. Axele Pro is available to DAT clients for free for 30 days, with no credit card required to trial.  To sign up for Axele TMS, sign up here or call 833-462-9328 (9DAT).

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