10 most-read stories of 2018

What stories got the most attention in 2018? ELDs and driver detention were the most popular topics, followed by business tips for owner-operators, and info on the big trends in truckload freight, capacity, and rates.

In case you missed them, below are the 10 most-read stories from the past year.

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Here are the top 10 blog posts of 2018:

10. Trade war? Watch transport stocks, says a longtime financial analyst. Freight flows offer a reliable forecast of economic change.

9. When should you replace your truck? This key question is answered by an owner-operator who just purchased a new rig.

8. What does it cost to run your trucking company? An owner-operator gives the lowdown on fixed and variable costs, and how to track them.

7. Spot market carriers get higher rates than contract fleets, for the first half of 2018.

6. ELD survey: 91% compliance achieved by small carriers within the first three months after the mandate.

5. Many carriers threatened to quit after ELDs. Did they? Spoiler alert: Nope. There are more carriers with DOT authority now than there were a year ago.

4. FMCSA wants your input on HOS regs. You thought they’d never ask.

3. What happened to all the Texas freight? Drilling slowed, and so did freight for flatbeds and vans.

2. Top 10 markets for van loads in the first half of 2018 tracks changes in the most popular markets for dry van freight.

And the number-one most popular blog post of 2018 was all about detention:

1. Detention in ELD-land: Will shippers change dock practices? looks at the problem of detention — and some possible solutions — under the ELD mandate.