DAT Load Boards Adopt PC*MILER

In response to customer requests, PC*MILER is now providing mileage data in all DAT Load Boards and in DAT Truckload Rate Index. The industry standard for practical truck miles, PC*MILER has been added to DAT products as a free upgrade. PC*MILER mileages will show in all our loadboard search results and will be used to calculate our rates in Truckload Rate Index.

Our loadboard products will also include mapping and routing from PC*MILER. Turn-by-turn directions and full route mapping will be directly available from search results. Here’s a map and route example:

Customers will see a few minor, temporary changes as they access the new mileage and routing information. If you missed our email notification, here is a summary of the changes:

DAT 3sixty Power Load Board

When using the Search Loads or Search Trucks features on DAT 3sixty Power, you will notice that the Map It function is temporarily deactivated. Click on Mileage and Routing to find the mapping functionality.

Customers who subscribe to our fuel tax and fuel price modules will see an additional page that displays those features along with mileage and routing:

DAT 3sixty Express Load Board

Express Load Board users who subscribe to fuel tax and fuel price modules will see a new menu option for easy access to fuel prices:

DAT Truckload Rate Index

PC*MILER’s mileage estimates are approximately 1.5% “shorter” than the mileage we provided in the past. On a trip of 400 miles, for example, the difference would amount to six miles or less. Because Truckload Rate Index uses mileage estimates to convert overall trip rates to per-mile rates, you may notice a slight change in rate calculations as of June 28th, when the PC*MILER upgrade took place.

Please contact customer support with any questions or concerns: 800-547-5417 or [email protected]