Flatbed Rates Surge in Mid-July but Van and Reefer Rates Dip, Nationally

Rates for vans, reefers and flatbeds made no major moves in theaverage of major markets this week, but declining rates in smaller markets shiftedthe national rate for vans and reefers.


Vanrates are down 0.4%, in major markets in past week but are down 4.2% nationallyto $1.38. Rates from Columbus rose 1.4% and recorded the greatest marketincrease for the second consecutive week. Not far behind, Denver andPhiladelphia both recorded a 1.3% rate increase in the past week. The lane fromDenver to Los Angeles rose 15% and recorded the largest week over week percentagegain. Rates dropped 2.0% from Charlotte due to declining rates from that marketto the Northeast and Memphis recorded a decline of 1.6%. Of the declining lanerates, the top three were from Atlanta: to Charlotte rates are down 12%, toMemphis down 11% and to Chicago down 11%.


Reeferrates recorded no week-over-week change in the average of all major markets butrecorded a national 4.1% rate decline in the past week. Regionally, rates fromChicago rose 2.5% and the lane from the Windy City to Dallas increased 19%. Thetop gaining lane was Charlotte to Atlanta, which rose 22%, followed by Chicagoto Dallas, which recovered 19%, and Philadelphia to Boston, up 10%. Incontrast, rates from Atlanta declined 2.8% after four consecutive weeks of rateincreases. The lane from Charlotte to Philadelphia suffered the largestdecline, down 13%, and Atlanta to Orlando dropped 8%.


Flatbedrates remained stable, up 0.3%, in major markets for the seven days ending July13 and rebounded 1.7% nationally. National rates for this segment remainedstable for three consecutive weeks and the mid-July uptick indicates continuedpressure. In Los Angeles rates rose 3.2% and Philadelphia trailed with a 2.1% rateincrease, week-over-week. Top gaining lanes for the week include Philadelphiato Atlanta, up 20%, and Memphis to Atlanta, up 18%. Of the declining markets,rates from Atlanta fell 4.4%. The sharp decline is the result of a surge in equipmentmoving toward this market (for example, the lane from Orland to Atlanta fell29%). Other tough lanes include Atlanta to Los Angeles, down 14%, and Chicagoto Philadelphia, down 11%.

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