National Truck Driver Appreciation Week: Highway Diva

This week is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week! As an industry leader, we know what it takes for  people to get what they need to manage their daily lives. From stocking fridges to getting online deliveries to running business, none of it is possible without the millions of truck drivers on the road everyday.

We want to take the time to acknowledge and thank the drivers that keep our supply chains running. Today, we’re spotlighting Sunshine — better known as Highway Diva — and asking her some questions about being a driver.

What are common, but unexpected challenges of being a driver?

“You are never too seasoned to ask for help! Imagine driving trucks professionally for six years thinking, ‘I’m way past beginner entry level,’ and facing an unexpected yet common challenge.

Changing Equipment from a standard freightliner to a long hood Classic XL was recently one of my biggest trucking challenges. I went from seasoned professional to rookie overnight! With the help of many drivers, I was able to overcome those obstacles and now I’m driving a long hood like a pro.”

What is it about being a truck driver that you wish people knew more about?

“The trucking industry is not limited to just driving a truck. Over the years, I have transitioned back and forth from hauling shipments in my own equipment to brokering loads as a freight agent while in my truck.

My goal is to inspire other drivers to ‘level up’ in trucking by taking advantage of the many trucking opportunities. My mission is to empower future women in trucking. If I can do it, so can they.”

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