New Analytics Service Shows Hidden Capacity

DAT Solutions has launched a new online analytics service that helps brokers and 3PLs find hidden capacity, anticipate rate changes, and translate complex truckload data into easy-to-understand maps and graphs.

The subscription-based service enables users to log in to a web portal to see visual representations of truckload freight data on the 149 key market areas for freight in North America. Users also have the option of importing data into their own systems.

Logistics professionals can sort the data by individual and multiple freight markets to customize charts and maps of current or historical trends to help them understand demand and capacity. Market data comes from DAT Load Boards, which host more than 120 million load and truck posts each year, and DAT RateView, which compiles more than $24 billion in actual freight bills annually.

DAT developed the new service at the request of top logistics providers, incorporating their feedback into the online offering. Currently available data visualizations include:

Carrier development maps (above) – Provides carrier load-search and truck-posting activity by company and key market area, so brokers can identify potential business partners in the lanes they run.

Supply/demand heat maps (above) – Shows the number of available freight loads vs. the number of available trucks in each key market area. This “load-to-truck ratio” is a leading indicator of whether truckload rates on the spot market will rise or fall, and can signal changes in contract freight rates.

Outbound capacity charts (above) – Shows outbound load and truck counts to help users better understand freight capacity patterns out of key market areas.

Truck density maps (above) – Shows the concentration of trucks by equipment type within specific geographies. These maps can help carriers understand where to position trucks, or can help shippers when deciding where to locate a warehouse or distribution center.

Your company can work on a one-to-one basis with DAT to create customized dashboards. For more information about this new service, send us an email or call 866.380.2578.