New DAT Onboarding Speeds Paperwork, Eliminates Faxes

Kick your fax machine to the curb! Introducing DAT Onboarding, a brand-new product that saves time and makes it easy for brokers to register new carriers and move freight faster.

DAT Onboarding provides an online portal for brokers to host contracts, and for carriers to supply their profile and tax information and store important paperwork. No more faxing carrier profiles back and forth to establish new partnerships.

Carriers, you can set up your profile on the DAT platform once to establish your credentials and get ongoing access to every broker in the DAT Onboarding system. No more filling out identical forms for each broker.

DAT Onboarding works with the broker’s transportation management software (TMS) so you can eliminate time-consuming, error-prone manual form submissions. Onboarding gathers and retains all the information needed for quick contract approval, so you can load carriers with confidence — or if you’re a carrier, secure loads faster and more efficiently. Plus, Onboarding works well with DAT CarrierWatch, our carrier validation and monitoring solution, so qualifying carriers is a snap.

Liberate your staff from the fax machine! Check with your account manager or call 800-547-5417 today to learn more about DAT Onboarding.