No More Check Calls

No carrier wants to haul cheap freight. Let’s say you’ve the choice between an inexpensive load of hay, or a trailer full of pricey electronics. You’re probably going to choose the expensive electronics since it’ll probably pay a better rate, right?

The shipper with that expensive freight will likely expect a higher level of service, and they’re going to want to know where their load is at all times. That used to involve lots of check calls, but more and more shippers and brokers are using load tracking tools like DAT OnTime™.

Download DAT OnTime for iPhone

Download DAT OnTime for Android

And that’s good for carriers, too. All the driver has to do is download the free app on their iPhone or Android device. When a broker or shipper wants to track a load on DAT OnTime, the driver gets a text message with a link to the app. They simply click “Accept” and “Start Tracking” to get started.

The tracking works through the phone’s built-in GPS, and the driver can turn it off and on, meaning that you don’t have to worry about being tracked all the time. It also won’t drain the phone’s battery or use up a bunch of data.

  • Work with new brokers – Get access to higher-value loads — and customers — that require tracking.
  • Free to carriers – Drivers simply download the free app and turn it on.
  • Maintain privacy – When the load is delivered, the driver can turn off the app.
  • Fewer interruptions – Drivers can do their jobs, without being interrupted by check calls.
  • Peace of mind – For more than 40 years, truckers have trusted DAT, which has a reputation for protecting their customers’ privacy.