Rate Trend of the Week: Van Rates are Up, Mid-Month


Vanrates increased by at least 1% over the past three weeks and the seven daysending September 14 were no exception. Rates rose 1.2% compared to the pastweek and continue to boost van rates mid-month. Compared to August, van ratesfor September, to date, are up 3.1%. It seems like rates are trending up withconsumer driven freight. I’ll keep an eye over activity in the next few weeksto determine how long van rates may increase.

Acrossthe nation, rates from Dallas continue to rebound from declines brought on by severedroughts and fires. Port activity in Los Angeles rebounded rates 1% after recordingthe largest market decline for this segment just one week ago. LA rates are nowon par with levels seen two weeks ago.


Stocktonrecorded a 2.3% dip in rates and was the largest declining market for dry vans overthe past week. This major Northern California produce and distribution marketrebounded from a dip spanning second half of August and appears to be on the declineagain. Rates might continue to dip as produce shifts gears into the fall harvest.


Reeferrates recorded a mild decline of 0.4% compared to the past week but freight forthis segment seems to be up. Over half of the major lanes I follow recorded adip in rates led by Philadelphia, down 4.3%, week over week. Rates from Phillymay have brought down the overall average but Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Dallasall recorded declining rates. Do you have any theories from your experience in thefield?

Have you seen similar movement this past week? Have a hunchwhere the market might go next? Comment below, I’m curious what you’re seeingout on the road.

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