Spot Market Rate Trend of the Week: Van Rates Up, Flatbeds Stable

Van highlights – increasing rates

Van rate trends continue to rise, with a 2.6% increase on major lanes in the spot market over the last two weeks. Brokers are paying more for van freight moves everywhere except the West Coast and Florida. Among the lanes with the biggest increase in the last two weeks:

  • Chicago to Minneapolis, up $0.13 per mile
  • Chicago to Columbus, up $0.12 per mile
  • Atlanta to central Florida up $0.16 per mile.

Smaller markets, including Columbus and Memphis, also have rising line haul rates in addition to fuel-driven increases in the surcharge. Small markets show a 4.0% increase over the last two weeks, outpacing the overall increase.

Van lowlightsdecreasing rates, lowest rates

Rates from Los Angeles to Denver and Chicago have fallen by just $0.07 in the last two weeks. The pattern of falling rates from Southern California is beginning to taper, and increases are expected as we move into March. Whether the rates are trending down or up. some backhaul lanes remain bargains for brokers:

  • Chicago to L.A., down $0.07 to $1.31 to the truck all-in, including surcharges
  • Dallas to Chicago, stable at $1.05 to the truck, all-in
  • Philadelphia to Chicago, up $0.06 to $1.02 to the truck, all-in
  • Denver to Chicago, up by $0.01 to $1.09 to the truck all-in.

All rates are excerpted from data collected in the two-week period from February 9 – 23. For information on specific lane rates, check out Truckload Rate Index, the most comprehensive database of trucking freight rates available. Rates are subject to change with market conditions.