Van Rates Rebounded in a Big Way

Load volume has been increasing for weeks, and rates responded in a big way last week. Loads are readily available for all equipment types in the Sun Belt states, and rates are rising steeply in the Southeast and California.

The darker states above have higher load-to-truck ratios, meaning there’s less competition for freight in those states.

All rates below include fuel surcharges and are based on actual transactions between carriers and brokers.


Right now, four of the top five markets for load posts on DAT Load Boards are in the Southeast: #1 Atlanta, #3 Charlotte, #4 Greenville, SC, and #5 Lakeland, FL. Rates were way up on lanes heading to the Northeast or the Midwest:

  • Charlotte to Buffalo rose 19¢ to pay an average of $2.13/mile
  • Atlanta to Columbus was up 18¢ to $1.58/mile.
  • The backhaul lane from Atlanta to Chicago rose 14¢ to $1.37/mile


Houston is #2 for load posts. Rates are rising on all the major lanes out of Houston, and there’s a shortage of trucks. Check it out.


Los Angeles had the highest average outbound rate last week at $1.89/mile, and rates are trending up for van loads out of Stockton, CA

  • Stockton to Portland, OR was up 11¢ to $2.10/mile
  • Stockton to Seattle rose 12¢ to $2.17/mile

If you can’t get to the Southeast this week, there are still some good opportunities up North. The roundtrip rate between Buffalo and Philadelphia averages $1.94/mile, but a 385-mile length of haul means you might not make more than $1,500 for the two days. To add more loaded miles, turn this into a TriHaul. You can pick up a load from Philly to Pittsburgh, and a second load from Pittsburgh to Buffalo. You’ll add 139 loaded miles, and boost your rate per mile up to $2.29. That gives you another $600 for the trip. If you can complete the 900-mile TriHaul in two days, you’re golden. If not, at least you can get back to Buffalo early on the third day, to find another load out.

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